Speciality Ice Creams

Raspberry Pavlova

A simply wonderful raspberry ice cream with fruit pieces on an Italian meringue base coupled with a raspberry puree and the creamiest of vanilla ices crowned with a light and crunchy meringue rosette.

Schoko Banoffee Stack

A crunchy crumb base with layers of chocolate and banana parfait ice creams. A decadent toffee sauce wraps around the top with a decoration of banana chips coated with melted chocolate to make a crunch.

Soft Fruit Pavlova Stack

An Italian meringue base with layers of blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry ice-cream parfaits then topped with a luscious mixed berry sauce and decorated with meringue pieces & sprinkled with redcurrant.

White Chocolate & Blackcurrent Floret

A hand crafted white chocolate florette surrounding a meringue base topped by an exquisite blackcurrant parfait & a delicious full fruit sauce decorated with white chocolate filigree.